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UCC Article 9: What You Need to Know, Part 2

March 2018 What is a security interest? At the heart of UCC Article 9 is the concept of a “security interest.” The UCC itself defines a security interest as “an interest in personal property or fixtures which secures payment or performance of an obligation.” The definition goes on for another eight lines, but the gist… Read more »

UCC Article 9: What You Need to Know, Part 1

Clint M. Hanni March 2018 Introduction If you’re a business owner, you’ve been using the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) even if you’ve never heard of it.  The UCC is a model body of law adopted by all 50 states and US territories in a generally uniform manner that governs commercial business transactions, although there are… Read more »

CDDC Announce 2018 Award Winners

The 4th Annual Intermountain Construction Defect and Dispute Conference was held Friday, February 9th, 2018 at which the organizers recognized five professionals in the community for their contributions in the construction industry. Lincoln Harris received the Attorney of the Year Award honoring him for his level of excellence and longtime service in the field of construction… Read more »

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – Where are we now?

Kendall Moriarty February 2018 Limbo.  On June 15, 2012, President Obama unveiled a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (or “DACA”) which would provide employment authorization and protection from deportation for individuals who entered the United States as children and who had never committed a deportable crime.  The program began accepting applications on August… Read more »

An Epic Battle of Blockbuster Proportions: Part II What is Genericide in Trademark Law and How Do I Avoid It?

Barry Scholl February 2018 In our last action-packed blog posting, we discussed the trademark battle between San Diego’s Comic-Con and Salt Lake City’s Comic Con. The two parties had traded (symbolic) powerhouse blows in a California federal court over whether Salt Lake City’s use of the term “Comic Con” (without a hyphen) infringed on San… Read more »

Tread Carefully – An Ethics Reminder

Zack (Zachary) Peterson January 2018 In State v. Ellis, 2018 UT 02, Justice Himonas wrote a separate, concurring opinion that provides a reminder of an attorney’s ethical obligations as an officer of the Court and of candor to the tribunal.  Before the district court, the prosecutor requested to use a preliminary hearing transcript at trial… Read more »

An Epic Battle of Blockbuster Proportions Underscores the Importance of Protecting your Trademarks from Genericide, Part I

January 2018 In December 2017, the epic trademark infringement battle pitting San Diego’s long-running “Comic-Con” versus Salt Lake City’s upstart “Comic Con,” reached what appeared to have been at least a temporary lull when a federal jury in California found that contrary to Salt Lake Comic Con’s claims, the San Diego group’s trademark is valid…. Read more »

Contracting 101 – Choice of Law and Borrowing Statutes

Steven Bergman November 2017 This is another in a series of posts about negotiating, executing, performing, and enforcing contracts, whether commercial or individual. This installment focuses on choice of law issues and how choice of law can affect your right to pursue a remedy on a contract default or the defenses available to you or… Read more »

Growing Use of Blockchain in the Insurance Industry

Gary L. Johnson October 2017 Gary Johnson’s new article, Blockchain Technology and the Insurance Industry, published in the most recent issue of In-House Defense Quarterly, provides an in depth overview of the growing use of blockchain technology in the insurance industry, including discussions of security, privacy and smart contracts. Read more 16J1065-GLJ – BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY_

Contracting 101 – Introduction

Steven Bergman October 2017 Business and individuals enter into contracts on a regular basis. When entering into a contract, it is important to make sure you know and understand every term in the contract, not just the major provisions, such as the parties, the price, the terms and conditions of performance, and the time and… Read more »